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Do you want to purchase a pressure gauge? You have come to the right place at EMVO Techniek. For over 40 years now, we have been specializing in pressure gauges and thermometers. Because of our excellent relationships with renown European manufacturers, we can offer you a very wide and complete range of industrial pressure gauges and our stock is extensive. Some examples of what you can buy at EMVO Techniek:

On our website, you can discover all types of standard pressure gauges in stock and all current competitive prices that we keep. Do you want us to adjust the pressure gauge that you buy to your needs? Anything is possible. Our technicians can provide you with a customized pressure gauge. And if you want us to provide your purchased instrument with your company name or logo, we can also make that happen. In any case, you can count on quick deliveries because of our extensive stock. Have you found the manometer you were looking for? Please contact us or ask for a quotation without any further obligations.

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We stand out for our high quality products, but also for our profound product knowledge, efficiency, and service. We gladly provide you with good advice about the possibilities and help you wherever you need it, in order to enable you to make the right choice. Because of our extensive stock in our modern warehouse, we can guarantee quick deliveries.

Buy an analogue pressure gauge

We have a very broad range of analogue pressure gauges and manometers, enabling you to buy exactly the pressure gauge that you need. We have Bourdon pressure gauges, as well as diaphragm pressure gauges in stock. The most commonly applied pressure gauge is the Bourdon type, but when the medium is viscous, polluted or corrosive, a diaphragm is the appropriate instrument. The mechanism in the pressure gauge is protected from the medium by the diaphragm.

Buy a digital pressure gauge

At EMVO Techniek, you can also buy any digital pressure gauge. Digital pressure gauges are extremely accurate and their functioning is a little different from the analogue manometers: they use pressure sensors. Besides of their accuracy, digital pressure gauges have other advantages, such as the options for background lighting or an adjustable viewing angle. Therefore, we have various models of digital pressure gauges in our range. Look for example at digital manometer type: ETD-01. This pressure gauge is battery operated and has an adjustable casing. The casing is adjustable, making it easy to read measurements from all angles. It is perfectly suitable for mobile pressure mounting. Are you looking for a digital pressure gauge for process monitoring? Type ETD-04 is the right choice for you. It has an innovative, modular sensor concept. Please contact us for more product information.

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As a wholesaler, EMVO Techniek has many years of experience to offer with regard to manometers. Do you need any advice ordering your measuring instrument? Do not hesitate to contact us. Buy a pressure gauge at EMVO Techniek; we will not let you down.

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