Thermometers with contacts


Thermometers with contacts

If you are looking for a thermometer with contact, EMVO Techniek has got just what you need. We have an utterly complete range of thermometers, but if you are searching for pressure gauges or meters, we also are the place to go to.

Wide range of thermometers

EMVO has been a manufacturing and wholesaling specialist in thermometers and pressure gauges for 40 years. Our specialist knowledge combined with outstanding contacts with European manufacturers and a solution-oriented attitude make sure that we can help our customers smoothly and professionally. Our range of thermometers include:

  • Analog thermometers: e.g. Room thermometers, diesel exhaust thermometers, Every Angle style thermometers and capillary thermometers;
  • Digital capillary thermometers;
  • Other digital thermometers;
  • Thermometers with sensor;
  • Thermometers with contacts.

We have several thermometers with contacts in our range:

  • TXR thermometer with contact: a gass filled thermometer with connection on the bottom or back side. This model can be directly connected and is able to measure temperatures between -200ºC and 800ºC. Available in various diameters.
  • TXC thermometer with contact: a gass filled thermometer with connection on the bottom or back side. This thermometer gives you the option of remote measuring using a connecting thread.
  • TPC thermometer with contact.

Which thermometer you need, depends on the circumstances. Maybe you already know exactly what you are looking for, but if that is not the case, our professionals are at your service to make the right decision with you. This way, you will always be sure to buy just the thermometer with contact that you need.

Contact for questions or a quotation

You can always contact us through e-mail, or simply give us a call. We will be happy to answer all your questions. We can give you expert advice and provide you with a quote if you wish, also for a thermometer with contacts.

Accurate diagnosis of your needs

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