Pressure gauges dry application


Pressure gauges dry application

For 40 years now, EMVO Techniek has been a specialist in pressure gauges, thermometers and pressure measurement devices. As we are both manufacturer and wholesaler, you will find in our product ranges both dry pressure gauges as well as glycerine pressure gauges. You can be sure to find just the pressure gauge that you are looking for.

What is a pressure gauge?

A pressure gauge can measure gas or liquid pressure within a closed space, such as for example a boiler or a cylinder. The most common pressure gauge is the aneroid gauge, based on a metallic pressure-sensing element. They are especially applied in central heating systems, although many other applications are possible, such as:

  • Vacuum gauges;
  • Water pressure gauges;
  • Filter gauges;
  • Compressor gauges.

Measuring technology

Pressure gauge functioning can be based on several different technologies. Aneroid gauges, also known as dry or mechanical gauges, are very common. Liquid based gauges use a liquid to measure the pressure. Glycerine is often used to that end.

Dry pressure gauges

A pressure-sensitive, elastic metal element is used in this type of gauges. The metal within the gauge wil deform due to pressure difference. This deformation is sensed and will be measured, which will cause the gauge needle to turn and indicate the pressure on it's scale.

We have a wide range of pressure gauges for dry application to offer. You can choose from pressure gauges:

  • With steel cases;
  • With stainless steel cases;
  • With plastic cases;
  • Fully made out of stainless steel.

Glycerine pressure gauges

Pressure gauges of this type are especially useful in situations where pressure surges, vibrations or other impacts frequently occur. These impacts will be absorbed by the liquid within the gauge, which will help preventing deterioration of you measuring instrument.

You can easily access all our pressure gauges through our website. Within all categories, a variety of types and versions are available.

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