Bourdon gauges

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How does a Bourdon gauge work?

A Bourdon gauge is the most common pressure gauge, and it is perfect for measuring pressure in fluids or gaseous media. They are very accurate and safe, and the price is generally lower than the price of a diaphragm gauge. If you need it in a dynamic environment or in circumstances where vibrations may occur, you should choose a glycerine filled bourdon gauge. This fluid will stabilize the indicating needle at all times.

The Bourdon gauge contains a little, somewhat flattened, C-shaped tube. The gauge is placed onto a pipe containing the medium and the medium enters the bourdon tube through its stationary end. When the medium starts to put pressure on the Bourdon tube, it will be evenly distributed on the Bourdon tube surface. That causes the flattened shape of the tube to become more circularly formed, straightening the C-shape. This causes one end of the tube to set in motion a mechanism, which will make the pointer in the display to start to move. When pressure decreases, the tube will regain its original shape and the pointer will go back to its original position.

A bourdon gauge is extremely sensitive to pressure changes and is very accurate due to this characteristic.


At EMVO Techniek, you can order Bourdon gauges with a variety of scales, depending on the average pressure of the medium. You can also choose from different classes of accuracy. Other differences between instruments may be:

  • Connection position (bottom or back);
  • Mounting type;
  • Casing;
  • Size.

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