Bourdon gauges

With a Bourdon gauge, pressure in gases and fluids can be measured. Welcome to Emvo Techniek, your wholesaler in de field of pressure and temperature measurement! Thanks to our excellent relationships with leading european manufacturers we can offer a wide variety of pressure gauges and manometers. That, together with our long experience, enables us to advise our customers the right equipment. We have an enthusiastic, well trained team of experts that will answer all your questions regarding pressure measurement.

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Emvo Techniek values a good price – quality ratio and a high level of customer service. With us you find the highest quality:

  • Manometers with a chemical seal;
  • Scuba gauges;
  • Stainless steel gauges.

Besides manometers, we offer also a range of thermometers. Think of analog and digital thermometers or room thermometers. Both the manometers as well as the thermometers can be delivered with a personal touch like a logo or color. Check our website for a good impression.

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Of course you need accurate pressure measurements, your customers rely on you. Therefore we recommend our customers to have their Bourdon manometer checked regularly. In that way precision and reliability are guaranteed. In our well-equipped workshop we can also repair and overhaul your pressure device. Many customers have taken advantage of our knowledge and capability to advise the right equipment for their application. So don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have questions. The specialists of Emvo can handle pressure!

How does a bourdon gauge work?

A bourdon gauge is the most common pressure gauge, and it is perfect for measuring high pressure in fluids or gaseous media, but also for application in low pressure media. They are very accurate and safe, and the price is relatively low. If you need it in a dynamic environment or in circumstances where vibrations may occur, you should choose a glycerine filled bourdon gauge. This fluid will stabilize the indicating needle at all times.

The bourdon gauge contains a little, somewhat flattened, C-shaped tube. The gauge is placed onto a pipe containing the medium and the medium enters the bourdon tube through its stationary end. When the medium starts to put pressure on the Bourdon tube, it will be evenly distributed on the Bourdon tube surface. That causes the flattened shape of the tube to become more circularly formed, straightening the C-shape. This causes one end of the tube to set in motion a mechanism, which will make the pointer in the display to start to move. When pressure decreases, the tube will regain its original shape and the pointer will go back to its original position.

A bourdon gauge is extremely sensitive to pressure changes and is very accurate due to this characteristic.

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