Glycerine pressure gauge for panel mounting


Glycerine pressure gauge for panel mounting

Since 1982, EMVO Tecnniek has been a reknown specialist in the area of high quality pressure gauges. Being both wholesaler, and manufacturer, our company has got the craftmanship and knowledge that make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our services. Our people are strongly solution-oriented and we have optimal relationships with leading European manufacturers. Whatever pressure gauge you are looking for, EMVO Techniek has it. This also goes for glycerine pressure gauges for panel mounting.

To what end are glycerine gauges to be used?

This gauge type is perfect for pressure measuring in machines where (heavy) vibrations or any other impacts occur regularly. The gauge's liquid wil absorb them, which keeps the measurements very stable.


When buying a glycerine pressure gauge for panel mounting, it is essential for safety reasons to choose the right scale division. The type of pressure to be measured is key:

  • Constant pressure: maximum operating pressure of the measured media should not be higher than 75% of the full scale value.
  • Cyclic stress: maximum operating pressure can only be 65% of the full scale value.

Glycerine pressure gauges for panel mounting

A glycerine pressure gauge for panel mounting is ideal for installation onto a control cabinet or switch box.

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