Thermometer TXR with stainless steel


Thermometer TXR with stainless steel

Thermometer TXR met RVS

TXR063XA, TXR080XA, TXR100XA, TXR160XA, TXR250XA, TXR063XE, TXR080XE, TXR100XE, TXR160XE, TXR250XE, TXR063XT-x, TXR080XT-x, TXR100XT-x, TXR160XT-x, TXR250XT-x, TXR063XF, TXR080XF, TXR100XF, TXR160XF, TXR250XF, TXR063Lx, TXR080Lx, TXR100Lx, TXR160Lx, TXR250Lx

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