Pressure gauge dry application and panel mounting


Pressure gauge dry application and panel mounting

Regarding pressure gauges, EMVO Techniek disposes of over 40 years of specialized experience. If you are looking for a dry pressure gauge for panel mounting, EMVO Techniek is all you need.

What is a pressure gauge

A pressure gauge is a tool to measure pressure, whether it's liquid, air or gas pressure. Depending on the application, different technologies are used to measure with a pressure gauge.

Dry application

Dry pressure gauges, or aneroid or mechanical gauges, are most the most widely used. They can measure pressure using a pressure sensitive type of metal. Pressure will cause the metal to deform, which will be measured by the needle, indicating the exact pressure on the scale.

Liquid application

In case of a constant vibration, pressure surges or other impacts are possible, a liquid-filled pressure gauge is the best solution. Glycerine is a commonly used liquid to this end. It can absorb vibrations and shocks within the gauge and prevents deterioration.

Clearance on the display unit

When choosing the right pressure gauge, it is important to have in mind that the pressure to be measured does not exceed two thirds of the display scale. This way, there will always be room for clearance in case of abnormal deviations.

Panel mounting

Our dry pressure gauges for panel mounting have their outlet on the back side and feature special mounting holes that make them easy to assemble onto a panel.


Take a good look around in our website. You will find a wide range of pressure gauges. If you are looking for a dry application pressure gauge, you will find just what you are looking for.

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