Stainless steel case


Stainless steel case

For the measuring of low pressure in millibar, EMVO Techniek has got the right pressure gauge for you. You will find two models in our catalogue that are both provided with a stainless steel case:

  • The 7811 (with a bottom connection);
  • The 7814 (with a back connection).

Both pressure gauges are available in two sizes: a 63 mm and a 100 mm diameter. Other specifics of both models are quite similar:

  • A stainless steel case;
  • A brass connection to the bottom (7811) or to the back (7814);
  • A brass alloy Bourdon tube;
  • A brass mechanism;
  • A safety glass window;
  • Provided with a zero adjustment.

Decision support

What pressure gauge you need exactly, depends on many factors such as the environment in which the measurement takes place, and the type of medium to be measured. At EMVO Techniek, we are proud of our extensive knowledge about pressure gauges as well as thermometers. Many years of experience and a profound product knowledge help us to be able to provide you with the right advice.

Big stock

EMVO Techniek has an extensive colletion of pressure gauges and thermometers in stock, which enables us to deliver promptly. Pressure gauges with stainless steel cases for low pressure measurement in millibars are also usually in stock.

Manufacturer and wholesaler

We produce pressure gauges and thermometers, but due to our excellent contacts wht other European manufacturers, we can provide you wit pressure gauges and thermometers for practically every application. Our pressure gauges are always of the best European quality and have a very high degree of accuracy. If you have any special needs or wishes, please tell us. We are happy to provide you with the right stainless steel cased pressure gauge for measuring low pressure in millibars.


Please feel free to contact us if you want any information about the possibillities for a stainless steel cased pressure gauge for low pressure in millibars. We are glad to be of help.

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