Bar thermometer


Bar thermometer

Are you looking for a bar thermometer? At EMVO Techniek you have come to the right place! EMVO Techniek has been a specialist in manometers, thermometers, and pressure transmitters for 40 years. We have a wide range of products. Due to our many years of experience, you are guaranteed to receive the right product. Do you have any questions, want help, or more information?

The right product

A bar thermometer is a measuring instrument that allows you to easily measure temperatures. A bar thermometer is handy and crucial to have around in many cases. Therefore, this thermometer should also work correctly under any circumstances. Here you can find a wide range of bar thermometers. For instance, we offer straight, angled, and 135-degree meters. These meters are available in different millimeters. Maintenance and inspections are also crucial with a bar thermometer. When you maintain the meter properly, you are guaranteed to measure the correct values. When the meter does not measure the proper values, this can have consequences like damage and additional expenses. EMVO Techniek gladly checks your rod thermometer. This way, we ensure that your meter measures the correct values again. Sometimes repairs are necessary. The repairs are performed by EMVO Techniek. You can also contact us for revision.

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EMVO Techniek offers you everything you want in one place. We have a wide range of products with a large stock. You can also rely on us for assembly, overhaul, and repair of your manometers, thermometers, and pressure transmitters. Are you looking for a rod thermometer? EMVO Techniek is happy to provide you with one. You can simply request a quotation, and you will receive a suitable offer back within 24 hours. Please contact us for further questions or information. Call +31(0)413-473037. EMVO Techniek: Your wholesaler for manometers and industrial thermometers.

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