Steel case


Steel case

At Emvo Techniek, for over 40 years we know all about pressure gauges, pressure meters and thermometers. So, also if you need a dry pressure gauge with a steel case for panel mounting, we are your partner.


We always have a wide range of pressure gauges in stock, so we can always deliver your instrument quickly. We also maintain excellent relationships with other European manufacturers that can provide us with any pressure gauge, all of the finest European quality.

Steel cased dry pressure gauges for panel mounting

To this end, we recommend the 6006 and 60067 models, each available in different diameters: 40 mm, 50 mm, and 63 mm.


This pressure gauge type is provided with a blackened steel case. The front ring consists of chromed steel and the pressure gauge has a brass connection to the back. The Bourdon tube is made of a bronze alloy and the window and display are made of plastic. This instrument is suited to be used in environment temperatures of -20 º and +60 º C. The medium to be measured can also reach a maximum temperature of +60 º. This steel cased dry pressure gauge can easily be mounted on a panel by using the three screw holes on the outer ring.


This pressure gauge for panel mounting also has a blackened steel case. Its front ring is made of galvanized steel and the brass connection is also situated on its back side. The window and display are both made of plastic and the Bourdon tube consists of a bronze alloy. Two steel tabs on both sides of the display make this dry pressure gauge suited for panel mounting, even if the panel is not so big.


If you need any help choosing the right steel pressure gauge for panel mounting, our professionals are delighted to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us without any further obligations, including if you have any other questions.

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