Pressure gauges directly from stock

For over 40 years, EMVO Techniek has been your specialist in pressure gauges. As a wholesaler and manufacturer, we can deliver almost any pressure gauge directly from stock. Furthermore, you can always count on our professional advice: our specialists are happy to help you to make the right choice.

Large and complete range

EMVO Techniek has a very large and complete range of pressure gauges. Thanks to our spacious warehouse and modern storage technology, we are able to maintain our stock up to date at all times. For example, we can count on or Kardex storage system: a clever storage tower that is reality a fully automated warehouse in itself. In our Kardex, we can store hundreds of different pressure gauges in a safe and efficient way, in a dust free environment.

Quick delivery

All our products are directly available from stock so we can deliver your pressure gauge within one day, also thanks to our own shipping station. Besides from that, we also maintain excellent contacts with Europe’s most important pressure gauge manufacturers. This enables us to deliver your choice of pressure gauge quickly, even in the exceptional case that it is not directly available from stock.

Advice desk for the best pressure gauge

Are you not sure which pressure gauge is ideal for your specific circumstances? It is not always easy to choose the right pressure meter. Many factors are to be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Pressure reach;
  • Pressure unit (Bar or PSI);
  • Environment (temperature, humidity, etc.);
  • Medium type (corrosive, viscous, polluted, gas, liquid);
  • Etc.

Our advice desk offers you service and support and we are happy to help you choosing the right pressure gauge. Of course, we will also look at your best price-wise options. In case your pressure gauge is not directly available from stock, we are also glad to help you get the right alternative. In our experience, there are always a number of possibilities, without having to compromise on quality.

Shipping and warranty

All our measuring instruments are shipped in safe, handy boxes. Of course, we give a warranty on all shipments. Do you have any questions about this subject? Please, contact us so we can answer all your questions!

Accurate diagnosis of your needs

Quotation within 24 hours; without obligation or charges

Focus on solution and customer requirements