Service and support

At EMVO Techniek, we offer you the biggest range of pressure gauges, thermometers and pressure transmitters, but also a complete package of service and support. For example, we offer a quick calibration and repair service for your pressure gauges, and it is possible for us to adjust your measuring instruments exactly to your circumstances.


At our workshop, we can build the pressure gauge you need. Is your manometer broken? In many cases, we can repair your pressure gauge so it is not necessary to buy a new one. Do you have any special requests or wishes? Are there any circumstances in which your pressure gauge must operate? Our technicians make sure that the pressure gauge meets all quality standards. Please, contact us if you have any questions; we are happy to explain your possibilities.


National and international legislation often demand a periodic inspection of your measuring instruments. EMVO Techniek disposes of a modernly equipped calibration station, where we can calibrate your pressure gauge very quickly. Within one to two working days, we can send you back your pressure gauge, including a calibration report. That way, you know for certain that your manometer functions properly and the accuracy class is guaranteed. We can offer you a maintenance contract, but of course, one-time calibration is also possible.

Choose the right measuring instrument

Do you find it difficult to choose the right pressure gauge, pressure transmitter or thermometer? You can always count on EMVO Technieks’ service and support team for professional and honest advice. Call us on +31(0)413473037, chat with us, or send us a message. We are glad to be of assistance!

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