Calibration of pressure gauges: Ultra fast, including report

At EMVO Techniek, we can calibrate your pressure gauge. We can do this periodically as well as once-only. Thanks to our fully automated calibration station, the process is super-fast: We can calibrate your instrument on the day it arrives at EMVO Techniek and send it back to you, including a calibration report. Are you buying a new pressure gauge? If you wish, we calibrate the instrument and include an official calibration report.

With over 40 years of experience as a wholesaler and manufacturer, we dispose of both people and knowledge to make sure that your manometers always work perfectly.

Pressure gauge repair and revision

EMVO Techniek is also your partner when it comes to repairing or revising your pressure gauges. In our workshop, our technical specialists can repair many defects and malfunctions in your manometer. Do you have a broken pressure gauge? And would you like to know if the defect is repairable? In most cases, we can repair the defect and it will be worth the effort and the cost. We are happy to advise you!

Calibration station / kalibratiestation / kalibrierung
Calibration report / Kalibratierapport / Kalibrierungsbericht

What is calibration?

When we calibrate a pressure gauge, we compare the error margin of the instrument to an accurate reference measuring instrument. At EMVO Techniek, we have a fully automated calibration system. It checks various values within the measuring range of the pressure gauge, including the zero point and the maximum measuring value. If the error margin of the calibrated manometer is too big, an intervention is necessary, so all values end up within the permitted margin. We always supply a calibration report, enabling you (and controlling authorities) to check all calibration data.

Why a pressure gauge should be calibrated

Periodical calibration of pressure gauges is essential. You must be able to rely on the results of your pressure gauge. When the pressure of your measured medium is not displayed correctly, your system can be seriously disrupted, or even damaged. This could cost you a lot of money, but more important: it is a potential danger to the people in the area. Circumstances such as vibrations, pressure peaks and surges, or mechanical tensions, may cause a pressure gauge to become less accurate when time passes, and manometer parts in the mechanical system could be damaged.

How often is calibration necessary?

To guarantee a reliable functioning of the pressure gauge, we strongly advise to calibrate your manometer at least once a year. This is even mandatory if you have to comply to ISO audits and IMO regulations. Therefor, you will always receive a calibration report.

Send us your pressure gauge for calibration

We calibrate your manometer within 24 hours after arrival. We will send you your calibrated pressure gauge back within one or two working days, including an official calibration report. If you wish, you can also get a maintenance contract with EMVO Techniek; this also applies to pressure transmitters. Would you like to receive a quotation first? Or do you have any questions regarding calibration or repair of your pressure gauge or pressure transmitter? Please, contact us without any further obligations; we are happy to help you!

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