Pressure gauge in bar

Since 1982, EMVO Techniek is your pressure gauge and industrial thermometer specialist. Maintaining a large and stable European network of manufacturers, we can deliver pressure gauges and thermometers for any purpose. You can order them in any unit of measurement, but the standard unit of our pressure gauges is bars. We would like to explain why.

Pressure gauge in bars, Pascal, or kg/cm²

Around the world, many units of pressure are used. In Western Europe, the bar is the standard pressure unit on manometers, but in other parts of the world, different units may be more common. In North America for example, Psi is more common (Pound per square inch), in Australia pressure is expressed in kPa (Kilopascal) and in India and Korea, pressure is counted in kg/cm². Al these different units can be calculated using the SI-unit Pascal.


In the International System of Units, known as SI system in all languages, the standard unit for pressure is Pascal. However, Pascal is a very small measurement unit. For example: Air pressure at sea level is approx. 1 bar, but expressed in Pascal it would be 100.0000 Pa. In a central heating system, pressure should be between 130.000 and 200.000 Pa. Of course, such a small measurement unit is not very convenient when pressure is measured in most media. Even at low pressure rates and small differential pressures, numbers would be too big and unmanageable.

Low pressure gauges in bar

Do you need to measure pressure in a low pressure medium? At EMVO Techniek, we offer special low pressure gauges in millibar. They are also suited for underpressure (measurements of 0 bars pressure or less). Of course, you can choose out of a variety of pressure reaches. Accuracy is always expressed in a class number. Class 1.6 has a maximum deviation of 1.6% of the total pressure gauge reach. So if you have a manometer with a reach up to 300 millibars (mbar), maximum deviation would be 0.016x300 = 4.8 mbar.

Pressure gauges with other pressure units

Do you need a pressure gauge using another scale than the standard bars scale? We can customize your manometer to your needs. Another solution would be a digital pressure gauge. Many of these instruments can measure pressure in several different units, so you will not have to make difficult calculations converting pressure units.


Would you like to learn more about our bar pressure gauges? Are you curious about all possibilities? Please contact us; we are glad to be of help. Do you have any doubts selecting the right instrument for you? We are glad to support you; our experience and knowledge will help you to make the right decision.

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