Industrial gauges

In an industrial environment pressure gauges are often required to measure pressure. Industrial gauges are suitable for measuring pressure in oil, water and other liquids that will not affect brass or bronze. Thanks to our excellent relationships with European manufacturers, EMVO Techniek can deliver a wide range of pressure gauges.

Our range of products

No matter what kind of application you have at hand, we can provide you with the right measuring device. In our range, we have for example:

Our decades long experience enables us to keep many different gauges in stock. That means we can deliver the ordered pressure gauges very quickly. Customer satisfaction and service are very important to EMVO Techniek. Our well-trained staff can advise you about the perfect industrial gauge for your application. Please check our website for more information!

Personalized industrial gauges

Would you like to have a pressure gauge with the logo of your company on it? Please let us know your wishes. We will make a design and after your approval we will have the industrial gauge produced. Our trusted delivery service will then deliver your order quickly.

Calibration and repair

Of course you want to provide your customers with high quality products. That is why your measuring devices need to work perfectly. EMVO Techniek advises to have the pressure gauges checked regularly to guarantee accuracy. This will prevent problems and guarantees functionality. In our workshop you can have your industrial pressure gauge revised, calibrated and repaired. So you can enjoy your instrument for years.


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