Pressure gauge calibration

When using a pressure gauge for monitoring pressure of a medium in a system, it is vital that it is calibrated on a regular basis. EMVO Techniek is happy to calibrate your pressure gauges periodically. As a wholesaler and manufacturer, we have been building up over 40 years of experience knowledge in the pressure gauge field and we can make sure that your manometers work properly at all times.

What is calibration

When calibrating a pressure gauge, the margin of error of the instrument is compared to a more accurate instrument of reference; we use a digital pressure gauge to that end. Several values within the measuring range of the pressure gauge are checked, including the zero-point and the maximum value. When the margin of error of the calibrated pressure gauge is bigger than required, actions must be taken in order to set those values within the margins again.

Why is calibration of a pressure gauge necessary?

It is important that your pressure gauges always function properly. When the pressure of the medium is not reflected correctly in the pressure gauge, chances are that the entire system gets disrupted or even damaged. This will not only cause big and unforeseen expenses; it can also be dangerous. Due to several factors, such as vibrations, pressure surges and other circumstances such as mechanic tensions, the working of a pressure gauge may deteriorate in time: it becomes less accurate and parts of the mechanism might become damaged. Therefore, periodic calibration of the pressure gauge is essential to the whole process.

Calibration of a pressure gauge: How often?

To guarantee a reliable functioning of the measuring instrument, pressure gauge calibration is recommended to take place at least once a year. This is mandatory if you wish to comply to all Iso-audits and IMO -legislation.

Calibration by EMVO Techniek

You can turn to EMVO Techniek for all periodic calibration of pressure gauges. After calibration, you will receive the certificates you need to comply with all legislation around pressure gauges and calibration. We can also repair and adjust your pressure gauge to specific circumstances and wishes. A lot is possible at EMVO Techniek! If you wish, you can ask for a maintenance contract for your pressure gauges as well as your thermometers and pressure transmitters.


Dou you have any questions about pressure gauge calibration? Do you need more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us; we are glad to be of service!

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