Pressure equipment

A thermometer is a well-known product. Also the applications of it are widespread. But not everyone knows what pressure equipment is. For example a pressure gauge is an analogue device for measuring pressure of liquids and gases. Often it is not known in what kind of situations pressure equipment is used. Take, for example, a metall manometer. That device is used to measure pressure in heating boilers. Also for industrial applications there are many different measuring devices. You can think of:

  • Digital pressure gauge;
  • Analog pressure gauge;
  • Pressure gauge with chemical seal.

We at Emvo Techniek have years of experience in different sectors where the use of pressure equipment is required.

Optimization and quality requirements

The accurate and reliable operation of your pressure equipment is, of course, very important. Especially for professional applications you have to be sure about the measurement results. The pressure gauges from Emvo Techniek meet the strictest quality requirements and measure very accurately. So you can be sure your measuring results are correct, even in the harshest conditions. In the stock of Emvo Techniek you find different kinds of pressure gauges: Stainless steel gauges; Deep sea pressure gauges; Digital gauges with power supply

Service and contact

Because we represent different brands, we have the possibility to offer a complete product range. Do you need a measuring device with a special measuring range? In addition, we can offer our measuring devices for a very sharp price. And in case your pressure gauge does not function right anymore, we can repair it in our own workshop. Our team of specialists is happy to help you. Do you have any questions regarding the desired pressure equipment? Or are you not sure which device is the most suitable for your application? Feel free to contact us. You can reach us via email: [email protected] or by phone: +31(0)413-473037.

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