Vacuum gauge

A vacuum pressure gauge is used for measuring negative pressure. At EMVO Techniek we have a complete range of pressure gauges for measuring:

  • Underpressure;
  • Overpressure;
  • Differential pressure.

In most cases, vacuum gauges are equipped with a connection nipple with four or six sides. Those must be mounted with a suitable key. At EMVO Techniek you will find an extensive range of both digital, normal, and vacuum pressure gauges.

Service for (Digital) vacuum gauges

It is of great importance that your pressure gauge functions optimally. Specially in professional applications. You can count on the instruments of EMVO Techniek to meet the highest quality requirements. That means that you can rely on our vacuum gauges even in the toughest conditions and for every conceivable application. Having your equipment checked regularly, prevents problems. Therefor EMVO Techniek recommends timely control of your vacuum pressure gauge. You can contact EMVO Techniek for this. We offer our customers:

Naturally, we carry out our work with the utmost care using international reference equipment. That means, you can count on a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

Vacuum gauge: how does it work?

Vacuum pressure measuring is based on atmospheric pressure. That is the standard pressure on sea level. Vacuum pressure is expressed in negative values; full vacuum is -1 bar, or -15 psig. Note that atmospheric pressure is equal to absolute pressure. Absolute pressure is measured based on the absolute zero point, which is lower than atmospheric pressure. Would you like to know how a pressure gauge works? You can find our brief explanation here.

Applications for vacuum gauges

Vacuum gauges are widely used in many branches of industry. Vacuuming food in the packing industry is just one example, but in warehouses and many assembly lines in factories, we can find vacuum gauges. the so-called Pick & Place technique is based on vacuum and is used in robots and machines that pick up, move and place products. The automotive industry is an example, but microchip factories use this technique as well.

Expert advice regarding digital vacuum gauges

Pressure gauges can be used in various market segments. Each with their own specifications and wishes. This means that you have a wide range to choose from. Do you want appropriate advice regarding the right vacuum meter? Contact EMVO Techniek and let us advise you without obligation. Our professionals help you choose the right pressure gauge for every situation and environment.

Request your offer for a digital vacuum gauge

As a wholesaler, we have various vacuum gauge models in stock provided with a variety of casing materials. The pressure gauges are made in Europe and comply with EN9837-1. Do you need a (digital) vacuum pressure gauge? Request your quote immediately. EMVO Techniek: we can handle the pressure.

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