Pressure meters

Pressure meters are used to check pressure in different circumstances, at home as well as in industrial, pharmaceutical, or medical environments. For example:

  • The pressure in a central heating boiler;
  • Monitoring pressure in oil or gas wellheads;
  • Hydraulic systems for machinery and equipment;
  • Rocket engine propellant tank pressure;
  • Application in the pharmaceutical industry, for example in autoclaves and sterilization equipment.

These are just a few examples of the many applications for pressure meters to illustrate the many possibilities. EMVO Techniek is a specialized wholesaler in the area of pressure gauges, and meters, or manometers.

Experience, customer focus and flexibility

Those are the keywords in our daily work. Customers appreciate our high service level and flexibility. We represent leading European manufacturers. That means we can offer a wide variety of different pressure meters. Our range includes, among others:

Emvo Techniek keeps a large stock of different types. The degree of accuracy depends on the application. Contact us for more information! Our experts gladly answer your questions!

Your personalized pressure meter!

If you are looking for a personalized manometer, Emvo Techniek can also be of help. Not only can we customize the characteristics of your instrument; we can also provide it with an overprint of your company name or logo in any color. Do you have a design in mind? Let us know. Shortly you will have your personalized gauge delivered.

Reparation, calibration and overhaul

You have to rely on your pressure meters measurements; its accurateness is therefore highly important. It is highly recommended to have the pressure meters checked regularly, so accuracy and quality of the measurements are guaranteed. At EMVO Techniek we provide a calibration service. In addition, if your pressure meter needs repairing, you can also send it to us. At our site we have a workshop with certified equipment and technicians who can revise and repair your pressure measuring instruments.

Want to learn more on our services and options?

On this website you can find our range of pressure meters, many of which are directly available from stock. As an extra service, a converter unit is also available. Do you have any questions? Do you want to make sure you order the right pressure meter? Don’t hesitate to contact us for some free advice, we look forward to your call!

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