What is a pressure gauge

What is a pressure gauge? The working of a thermometer is commonly known; however, only few people know what a pressure gauge or manometer is and what it does. In short: A pressure gauge is an instrument that measures pressure. There are countless situations in which a pressure gauge is required to be used. A good example is the pressure gauge in central heating systems; it measures pressure in the system. Digital pressure gauges are often used in industrial environments. EMVO Techniek can provide you with practically any pressure gauge you need and has many years of experience in a wide variety of sectors. Therefore, we can give you the expert advice you need, so you will purchase exactly the measuring instrument that you need for your situation.

What does a pressure gauge do?

In short, the pointer on the instrument indicates whether there is a pressure difference. This may concern differential pressure, overpressure or underpressure. Nowadays, glycerine is regularly added to pressure gauges. It protects the indicating needle from vibrations, sudden blows and pressure surges and make it easier for you to read the right pressure value. The glycerine also helps to prevent the instrument from wearing out.

How does a pressure gauge work?

Most pressure gauges have one of these two operating mechanisms:

  • Bourdon mechanism;
  • Diaphragm mechanism.

Bourdon mechanism

Bourdon pressure gauges contain a slightly flattened, fluid-filled tube that is usually C-shaped. When the fluid inside the tube puts pressure on the tube’s surface, the tube will deform and bend straighter. This change will put the display needle in motion through several links and gears, and it will indicate the pressure value very accurately. When pressure decreases, the tube will go back to its original shape, moving the needle back to its original position.

Diaphragm mechanism

A diaphragm that separates two different environments, will start to bend in proportion to the pressure applied on it, putting in motion several gears. This will conduct the display needle. Diaphragm pressure gauges are perfectly suitable for measuring pressure in poisonous or corrosive gasses or fluids, or in high viscosity media.


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Installation, revision, and reparation

In addition to ordering instruments, you can also contact us for revision and reparation. Prevent any problems by revising your instruments periodically. If you are not able to do that yourself, please contact EMVO Techniek. We regularly control regulating and measuring components and help our customers to prevent problems.

Personalisation of measuring instruments

Our service reaches beyond delivery and calibration of instruments. Would you like to order a pressure gauge with an imprint or your logo on it? If you wish, we can provide you with pressure gauges completed with your imprint or logo, in black, white or colour.

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