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Are you looking for a pressure gauge for measuring overpressure, underpressure or differential pressure in water? Take a look at all the options you have at EMVO Techniek and ask for a quotation. As a pressure gauge and thermometer wholesaler, we offer a complete package of instruments when it comes to pressure gauges. EMVO Techniek: We handle pressure.

Digital pressure gauge for water pressure

Having a wide range of pressure gauges in various models and casing materials, we have all kinds of pressure gauges available for you. You can find our pressure gauges in our menu under:

The right pressure gauge for water

Water is a corrosive liquid. That means it is important that both the pressure gauge and the mechanism are made of a corrosive resistant material. Our pressure gauges entirely made of stainless steel are perfectly suitable for measuring pressure in water. Stainless steel consists of a steel alloy to which a small amount of chrome is added. This prevents the material from rusting.

Water pressure can be measured in all kinds of environments. That includes home applications such as water pressure in a central heating installation, but also commercial environments such as swimming pools or all kinds of industry. Pressure gauges are essential for measuring water pressure. They are easy to maintain and easy to use.

Static or dynamic pressure

Which pressure gauge you need for measuring water pressure, also depends on the type of pressure you want to measure: static, dynamic, or total pressure. Static pressure is the pressure of water in all directions. When water stands still, pressure is equal in all directions. When water moves, pressure will increase in the direction towards which the water flows. That pressure is called dynamic pressure. The sum of static and dynamic pressure is called total pressure, or stagnation pressure.

Why buy a pressure gauge at EMVO techniek?

Do you want to order a pressure gauge for measuring pressure in water or any other liquid? We are glad to explain to you why you should choose EMVO Techniek. For example, you can always count on our custom made advice. Since 1982, EMVO Techniek has been focussing on pressure gauges and thermometers as a wholesaler. That means you can count on a professional specialist that knows what is going on. Through the years, we have been building strong relationships with manufacturers all over Europe. In other words: you can always rely on quality, flexibility, and a prompt delivery. Finally, EMVO Techniek has an up-to-date equipped workshop with qualified technicians for revision, calibration, and reparation of measuring instruments. Make sure your pressure gauge always indicates water pressure accurately and let us control your measuring and regulating components regularly in our workshop.

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Do you have any questions about one of our products or would you like to know more about your options? Please contact us without any further obligation. You can download our catalogue for a complete overview of all our instruments. EMVO Techniek: for reliable and accurate pressure gauges that measure water pressure.

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