Water manometer

A water manometer is used to measure pressure in fluids. It is also called a U-tube manometer. Welcome to Emvo Techniek’s website! We are a leading wholesaler in the field of pressure and temperature measurement. Do you have an application where measuring pressure in gases is required? Then you have come to the right place. We not only sell water manometers, but also suitable gauges for gases. Our long experience enables us to advise the right device at any time. Visit our website for more information.

Our comprehensive range of manometers

Because we know what our customers need, we keep a wide range of pressure gauges in stock. In addition to manometers we offer thermometers as well. Those can be used in privat as well as industrial environments. Think of the following devices in our assortment:

  • Analog manometers;
  • Digital manometers;
  • U-Tube manometers;
  • Bar thermometers;
  • Analog thermometers.

Check out our website. The variety will surprise you!

Regarding measuring pressure..

Emvo Techniek has good relationships with leading european manufacturers. Many different water manometers are available immediately. We deliver your ordered goods quickly. Do you need professional advice before you order a pressure gauge? Contact us, our experts are happy to answer all your pressure related questions. We emphasis the fact that it is important to have your devices checked regularly. Accurate measurements are guaranteed in this way. Emvo Techniek has a workshop at its disposal. Next to that we can repair and overhaul your water manometer.

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Are there questions left after you visited our website? Do you need advice regarding the suitable water manometer? Call us and challenge our experts with your problem! The quickest way to get answers is when you use our livechat. Of course you can call (+31(0)413-473037) or send us an email: [email protected].

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