A vacuummeter is used for measuring underpressure. Mostly vacuummeters are equipped with a connection nipple with a square or hexagon. The meter has to be mounted with a suitable key. In case you need help with connecting the meter, you can always contact us.

Digital vacuummeter

Depending on your situation and application you choose a meter with the correct accuracy. As a wholesaler that maintains relations with several European manufacturers, we are able to guarantee the quality of our products. Also, with EMVO Techniek you choose for a partner with a high service level. We have a proactive team with professional knowledge that is happy to advise you on your application. EMVO Techniek offers an extended range of pressure gauges, thermometers and vacuummeters in order to measure:

  • Under pressure;
  • Excess pressure;
  • Differential pressure.

Repair, calibration and overhaul

Through our professionalism, experience and product knowledge we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Do you have a problem with your meter or a malfunction? EMVO Techniek is there for you with repair and calibration of your vacuummeter. We strongly advise to have your thermometer or vacuummeter checked regularly. This way the accuracy of the measuring instrument is guaranteed. In the professional workshop of EMVO Techniek we offer you repairing, calibrating and revising vacuummeters / thermometers

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Are you curious about the possibilities? Request a quote straight away via our website, or contact us for suitable advice. Do you have questions or do you want to be sure you choose the right measuring instrument? Then please contact us. You can do this easily via [email protected] or +31(0)413-473037. Our specialists are happy to answer your questions.

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