U tube Manometer

Are you looking for a pressure gauge for an uncomplicated application? In that case Emvo Techniek can help you with a U tube manometer. Such a simple manometer is an U shaped tube. One side is in contact with the atmosphere, the other with the pressure to be measured. The tube is filled with mercury, ethanol or water. In case the pressure is equal on both sides, the fluids are on the same level. If the pressure which is measured increases, the pressure on the side of the U tube gauge decreases.

Pressure gauges and thermometers

In additon to different types of manometers Emvo Techniek also offers a wide range of thermometers. Because of our good relationships with leading European manufacturers we are able to keep a large stock. That also enables us to deliver the ordered goods quickly. Next to U tube manometers you will find in our range amongst others:

You are also on the right place if you want a manometer with logo or an imprint. Tell us your wishes and we will make you a proposal for a personalized manometer.

U tube pressure, for differential pressure measurement

U tube manometers are often used in the labaratory. The applications are simple. However, Emvo Techniek can also supply explosion proof manometers. Those are used when the pressure in hazardous environments has to be measured. You can think of, for example, explosive gases. Visit our website for more information!

Revision and calibration of tube manometers

Emvo Techniek has a modern workshop where we can revise and calibrate your pressure gauge. This is done with certified reference equipment and is carried out by our expert staff. And if your pressure gauge unexpectedly does not work properly we can repair it. This service, together with our customer focus, is very important at Emvo Techniek.

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Do you have an application and you don’t know if it can be done with an U tube manometer? Or is it a complex application and would you like to know which pressure gauge is the best suitable? Please contact us! You can reach us via the live chat if you need a quick answer. Of course it is also possible to call us: +31(0)413-473037 or send us an email: [email protected].

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