Tube spring manometer

For purchasing a tube spring manometer you go to Emvo Techniek. Because of our long experience we can rightly call ourselves the pressure specialist. Next to that we offer our customers an excellent service and high customer orientation. You will notice that when you talk to us. Our specialists think along with you, so you buy the right Bourdon manometer. Also for other pressure gauges and thermometers you visit the website of Emvo Techniek. Can’t you find what you are looking for? Contact us, we are happy to help you.

For every environment the right measuring device

Tube spring pressure gauges can be used for measuring pressure upward of 0.6 bar. It is a mechanical pressure measuring instrument so it works without battery or electricity. This Bourdon manometer is often used in industrial applications. However, you find with us also pressure meters suited for other applications. Think of:

  • Glycerin filled manometers;
  • Low pressure manometers;
  • Oxygen manometers.

In our brochure you find the complete range of Emvo Techniek. Be surprised by the versatility of our assortment. Do you have a special application or don’t you know which pressure gauge is best suited? Contact us, our specialists are happy to answer your questions.

Meet Emvo Technieks service

We have a strong focus on customer orientation and service. Therefor we not only offer a complete range. With us you also find the possibiltiy to have you tube spring manometer calibrated and repaired. You can also come to us fo a complete overhaul of your pressure gauge. Our modern equipped workplace and the well-trained staff take care your manometer will function smoothly again quickly.

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Have you become curious about the range of tube spring manometers in our assortment? Do you have specific questions regarding Bourden pressure gauges? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.


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