Types of thermometers

EMVO Techniek offers a wide range of different types of thermometers. For example, we offer you:

Under Thermometers and Thermometers specials, you can find the complete thermometer assortment. An overview of all our products is available in our catalogue.

Fast delivery of all types of thermometers

In our spacious warehouse, we always maintain a large stock; that is why we can deliver quickly and you will have your instrument in your hands within days. One of our assets is a Kardex shuttle, where we can store our products safely and protected. Furthermore, we have excellent relationships with all important European thermometer and pressure gauge manufacturers. We can count on a broad international network, which enables us t offer all types of thermometers against very good prices.

Choose an accurate thermometer

Reliability and accuracy are very important features in measuring instruments. At EMVO Techniek, you will only find the most accurate measuring instruments for all circumstances. We have analog as well as digital thermometers to offer, in various designs. Take our every angle analog thermometer for example. The display can be bent in any angle so the temperature can always be read. We also have digital capillary thermometers in stock, and we have all kinds of loose parts for thermometers.


With a thermo-hygrometer, you can not only monitor temperature, but also humidity. These instruments are used to monitor indoor conditions in homes, offices, and other buildings. Maintaining a good balance between temperature and humidity is important for comfort and the health of people. Additionally, thermos-hygrometers are use for climate control in industrial and agricultural environments. Think of places like greenhouses, as well as storage facilities for food or pharmaceutical products.

Weather stations also use thermos-hygrometers. By keeping track of temperature and humidity, weather patterns can be predicted, and climate change can be studied.

Reparation and calibration

We only sell the best thermometers. Nevertheless, even the best ones need to be calibrated once a year. EMVO Techniek can do that for you. You can come to EMVO Techniek for maintenance, repairing and calibration of your measuring instrument. We will issue a calibration report, in which all relevant data will be recorded. That way, you are sure you can always rely on the thermometer results, and your temperature sensitive processes will not be compromised because of false temperature data.

Further information about different types of thermometers

Contact us to order your thermometer or ask for a quotation. You can also reach EMVO Techniek sending an e-mail to [email protected] or calling +31(0)413-473037. Need any advice? Our expert staff is happy to advise you about all different types of thermometers, so you will buy the right instrument.

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