Small diameter gauge

Amonst various types of pressure gauges, Emvo Techniek can also deliver small diameter gauges. These gauges come in two different versions: Small diameter vacuum gauges. These gauges can measure pressure from 0 to full vacuum (-1 bar) and are suitable for air and inert gases. The other version is a gauge which can measure from -1 bar to 70 bar pressure and is usable with gases and liquids. This last one is available in different sizes. Please visit our website for more details!

Various options

We can provide your small diameter gauge with various optional features. You can think of:

  • Indicating or Max Drag pointer;
  • Bespoke threads; Rubber shroud;
  • Alternative case materials.

Would you like to have a gauge with a personal touch? Emvo Techniek also offers the possibility to personalize your measuring instrument by putting a logo or imprint on it. Request a quote straight away via our website, or contact us for suitable advice.


Emvo Techniek is not only the leading wholesaler with concerning pressure gauges, we are also leading in the field of thermometers. In our range you will find the right thermometer for every application. Ranging from analogue to digital thermometers. Do you need a thermometer that can measure in different angles? We can also provide you with this. On our website ( you will find a complete overview of our thermometers.

Order your small diameter gauge immediately

Of course you can request a quote for your small diameter gauge immediately via our website. In case you have questions or you want to be sure you choose the right measuring instrument, please contact us. Our specialists are happy to answer your questions.

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