Regulator gauge

For the use with gas bottle regulators the regulator gauge is very common. It can be used on any high pressure gas, that is compatible with brass and Phosphor Bronze. You are at the right supplier also for this kind of gauge. EMVO Techniek has a wide range of measuring devices on stock.


We keep an extended stock of different types of gauges, so you will find measuring instruments that measure pressure in gases as well as liquids. Our pressure gauges have the advantage that the pressure difference and pressure level are measured. There are also gauges available which warn the operator in case the pressure gets too high. In our range you find:

  • Gas pressure gauges;
  • Digital pressure gauges;
  • Pressure gauge with chemical seal.

At EMVO Techniek we lean on our long time experience with different kinds of pressure gauges. That is why we know what our customers want. We have pressure gauges available for the use in different circumstances, like:

  • Measuring in a toxic environment;
  • Measuring gases;
  • Measuring liquids.

Value for money

We have a high standard regarding quality. Our cooperation with leading European manufacturers, enables us to maintain a good price – quality ratio of our products. EMVO Techniek is also a partner with a high servicelevel. Our proactive team with profound knowledge, is happy to advise you on the right regulator gauge.


Are there any questions left? Or would you like to order a regulator gauge right away? You can reach us via our Live-Chat. In case we are not online please send us an email: [email protected] or give us a call: +31(0)413-473037. Our specialists look forward to every complex problem and will be glad to help you to choose the suitable regulator gauge.

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