Pressure transmitters

In the complete range of Emvo Techniek you can also find pressure transmitters. What is a pressure transmitter? This measuring instrument enables you to measure pressure in liquids or gases easily. It can be used in many applications, mostly in the industrial or automotive sector. Our many years of experience and advanced automation enable us to give you, as our customer, an excellent advise. Emvo Techniek represents various manufacturers and can deliver a wide range of measuring instruments.

Advantages of a pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitters are used in industrial machines to measure the pressure. In case the pressure is too high, the user receives a warning. This prevents serious problems. Our pressure transmitters are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. That means that the materials are immune to radiation and electromagnetic fields and can be submerged. In addition this instrument measures the pressure level and the pressure difference.

Other pressure gauges and thermometers

Emvo Techniek is also the designated supplier for other types of pressure gauges. For example:

  • Pressue gauges dry;
  • Low pressure gauges;
  • Differential gauges.

We can supply the suitable measuring equipment for every application you can think of!

Service and workshop

In case your pressure transmitter is not working correctly anymore, we offer the possibilty to have it repaired in our workshop. We use certified devices to repair your instrument. Besides you can have your pressure gauge revised or calibrated.


Are you interested in our products and would you like to have more information? For example which pressure transmitter for your specific application or machine? Please feel free to contact>/a> us. Our specialists are happy to help you with the right choice. You will receive appropriate advice at all times! You can reach us via email ([email protected]) or phone: +31(0)413-473073. Emvo Techniek: We can handle the pressure!

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