Pressure measuring devices

Are you looking for a pressure measuring device for an application? At EMVO Techniek we have a wide variety of pressure measuring devices in stock. Due to our good relationships with European manufacturers we can offer pressure gauges for all kinds of applications. For example:

  • Glycerin manometers;
  • Personalized manometers;
  • Low pressure gauges;
  • Digital gauges.

Manometers and thermometers

Besides pressure gauges, EMVO Techniek also delivers thermometers for different kind of applications. You can think of:

  • Digital thermometer;
  • Analog thermometer;
  • Bar thermometer.

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Service and customer satisfaction

The focus of the specialists with EMVO Techniek is at our customers. That means we maintain a high servicelevel. In addition to that flexibility and customer satisfaction are very important. The specialists at EMVO Techniek will gladly help you to make the right choice concerning pressure measuring devices. No matter what kind of application you have at hand: Give us a call and our employees will advise you the right measuring device! EMVO Techniek is also the right partner when it comes to applications in a dangerous environment. Therefore we can deliver pressure measuring devices which are explosion protected. It is, of course, very important to have your pressure gauges checked regularly. For that purpose we have a well-equipped workshop where we can calibrate you mano- or thermometer. In that way precise measurements are garantueed and your manometer will have a long lifespan.


Do you have a special application and you don’t know which pressure measuring device can be used? Or a more complex application on which you need our expert advise? Please contact us! Our specialists look forward to your call and are happy to help you. You can reach us via the live chat if you need a quick answer. Of course it is also possible to call us: +31(0)413-473037 or send us an email: [email protected].

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