Pressure gauge supplier

Are you looking for an experienced pressure gauge supplier? At Emvo Techniek we lean on our long time experience with different kinds of pressure gauges. That is why we know what our customers need. We keep an extended stock of different types of gauges, like:

  • Stainless steel pressure gauges;
  • Deep sea pressure gauges;
  • Digital pressure gauges;
  • Thermometers.

Trusted supplier

As a wholesaler with good relations to european manufacturers we can offer short delivery times and high quality measuring instruments. This also enables us to deliver pressure gauges and thermometers for almost every environment. Emvo Techniek measuring instruments are capable to withstand the toughest conditions.You can think of:

  • Measuring in a toxic environment;
  • Measuring gases;
  • Measuring liquids.

High quality standard

As a leading supplier in the field of especially pressure gauges, we maintain a high quality standard. Our equipment measures very accurately in all conceivable applications. Emvo Techniek guarantees a perfect use of your pressure gauge for many years. We also offer the possibility of having your measuring instrument repaired, calibrated and revised. For those purposes we have a well-equiped workshop available. Also our pressure gauges are equipped with a warning system to prevent dangerous situations.

Service and advice

As a supplier of highy developed thermometers and pressure gauges Emvo Techniek is aware of the importance of good service and advice. Our specialists can help you with your questions regarding the choice of the suitable pressure gauge for your specific application. Are you not sure which instrument you should order? Or do you have any questions about our possibilities and services? Do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by email ( or phone (+31(0)413-473037).

Accurate diagnosis of your needs

Quotation within 24 hours; without obligation or charges

Focus on solution and customer requirements