Operating principle of a pressure gauge

The purpose of a pressure gauge is simple: a pressure gauge is used to measure pressure. The most widely used gauge is the Bourdon pressure gauge, but a diaphragm pressure gauge is frequently applied, too.

A Bourdon pressure gauge measures pressure using a little tube that will deform as pressure increases. This will cause a needle to start moving.

A diaphragm pressure gauge contains a diaphragm that separates two different chambers. The diaphragm will also deform as pressure increases, which will activate a gear mechanism that causes the display needle to move.

Complete range of pressure gauges

Emvo Techniek offers a wide range of pressure gauges and thermometers. In addition to popular instruments such as analogue or digital pressure gauges, we also have a great amount of other special measuring instruments. At Emvo Techniek, you will also find, among others:

Decision support

At Emvo Techniek you will find pressure gauges for any professional application. We have many years of experience delivering pressure gauges in many different industries. Do you have any doubts on which pressure gauge is suitable for your situation? Would you like to obtain more info regarding the operating system of a pressure gauge before placing your order? You can ask all your questions in our live chat, or you can contact us for more info. You can reach us by phone as well as by e-mail.

How does a pressure gauge work?

A pressure gauge can measure whether pressure in a certain medium stays equal to the atmospheric pressure. If it stays equal, the mechanism will maintain its balance and will not deform, so nothing happens in the system. When pressure increases, the display needle will start to move because the tube or diaphragm in the pressure gauge deforms. Depending on big or small pressure differences, we can advise you which pressure gauge is most suitable for your situation. Our pressure gauge specialism enables us to excel both in product knowledge and efficiency.

Operating and connecting pressure gauges

In our Installation and operating instructions, you will find more information on how to use pressure gauges and how to install them. For optimal functioning of the instrument, proper installation is required. In our installation and operating instructions, we explain everything step by step.

In unit calculation, converting units is quick and easy. It is perfect for determination of the requirements to which the instrument has to respond.

Pressure measuring in fluids or gas

What type of pressure gauge you need, depends on the medium you want to measure. For example, if you want to know the pressure of a corrosive medium, you will need a stainless steel pressure gauge. When measuring dangerous media such as several types of acid, oxygen, poisonous or inflammable substances, a pressure gauge with extra safety precautions is absolutely essential. For example, a blow-out function on the back of the instrument prevents leaks or cracks in the front when the pressure gets too high, which could hurt bystanders.


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