Manometers pressure

Over the years we have become a specialist for manometers pressure and thermometers. Since 1982 Emvo Techniek is a player in the field of manometers for pressure. Our good relationships to leading european manufacturers enable us to offer a wide range of pressure gauges.

For industrial or private applications

No matter what the application is you have at hand. We can, due to our experience, always advise the right manometer for pressure. In our stock you can find, among others:

On our website you will find more types of pressure manometers and thermometers.

For tough conditions: Explosion proof gauges

In case you have an application in a hazardous environment, Emvo Techniek can supply explosion proof manometers. Our well educated team of specialists is able to answer your questions! Contact us for more information!

Repair, calibration and overhaul

To serve our customers, we have a well-equipped workshop. We only use certified equipment to calibrate your pressure manometer. Of course we can also, if necessary, repair your gauge. Do you think it would be nice to own a personalized manometer? Do you already have an idea for a design? Tell us about your wishes. We can have your pressure gauge produced with an imprint or a colored number sheet.

Emvo Techniek: For service and flexibility!

You, as our customer, want to be assured that your measurements are accurate. Our goal is to deliver high-quality products with a good price – quality ratio. That, together with our profound knowledge and flexibility, makes us an excellent partner when it comes to measure pressure!

Order your manometer for pressure immediately!

Have you found what you are looking for? Then you can order your pressure manometer directly. In case you have any questions left, please contact us. Our specialists are happy to answer your questions. No matter the application you have at hand, we can handle pressure! You can reach us by phone (+31(0)413-473037) or by email: [email protected].

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