Manometer 10 bar

Are you looking for a manometer with a specific range up to 10 bar? Then you have come to the right place at Emvo Techniek. Since 1982 we have been supplying the highest quality manometers and pressure gauges. In course of time we gained a lot of knowledge. You see that in our complete range of measuring instruments. Our personell is well-trained and therefor particularly capable of advising you the right manometer. View our website at your leisure and be surprised by our complete assortment.

The right measuring device for every application

You can think of many different applications where a manometer with a range up to 10 bar is eligible. However, if you have a measurement at hand with other requirements, Emvo can also be of excellent help. You can think of, for example:

All our manometers are available with different ranges and performances. We also offer pressure gauges with a stainless steel or steel casing. Call us for more information.

Service and customer orientation are central

If you talk to us, you will notice that service and customer orientation are very important. Our experts think along with you, so you always buy the right manometer with a range up to 10 bar with us. We are also there for you in case your measuring device has to be calibrated or repaired. Therefor we have a modern equipped workshop available. In order to have your manometer or thermometer well functioning quickly we have a specially trained staff. Let us know what your challenge is, we can handle pressure.

Order your manometer immediately

Have you found what you are looking for? Then you can order the desired manometer with a range up to 10 bar immediately. However, do you have any questions and you are not sure what the right pressure gauge is for your application? Contact us, we are happy to help.

Accurate diagnosis of your needs

Quotation within 24 hours; without obligation or charges

Focus on solution and customer requirements