Manometer 10 bar

Are you looking for a pressure gauge with a 10 bar reach? At Emvo Techniek, you have come to the right place. Since 1982, we have been providing our clients with the highest quality in pressure gauges. During all these years, we have gathered a great amount of knowledge on these instruments, which our very complete range of measuring instruments reflects. Our staff is highly qualified, so they can always provide you with excellent advice when choosing your pressure gauge. Take a look around on our website and be amazed at our complete range of pressure gauges and other measuring instruments.

The right instrument for every application

A pressure gauge with a range up to 10 bars is applicable in a lot of situations. However, if you need to measure a medium in other conditions, with higher or lower pressure, Emvo can also help you out. Some of the instruments we have available are:

The right 10 bar pressure gauge

Our specialists can advise you perfectly about the right pressure gauge. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered.

A pressure gauge with a maximum reach of 10 bar is fit for measuring pressure in a medium that under normal circumstances does not exceed half, or two thirds of those 10 bars, so that would be approximately 5 to 7 bar. That way, pressure measuring will be most accurate, and the pressure gauge allows some excess pressure. If you wish to measure pressure in a medium, that in a normal state gives 10 bar, you will need a pressure gauge with a scale that goes up to at least 15 bar.

It is also wise to think about the size of your pressure gauge. We have several sizes in stock, for example diameters of 63 mm or 100 mm.

It is also important to think about the connection point on the pressure gauge. When the gauge is to be mounted on a panel, you will need one with a back connection and a flange with screw holes. When the pressure gauge is to be connected straight onto a pipe, a bottom connection would be more suitable. Also keep in mind the viewing angle.

Pressure surges and vibrations

Do you need a 10 bar pressure gauge for measuring pressure in an environment where vibrations, pressure surges or other impacts frequently occur? A pressure gauge containing glycerine is the best solution for you. The glycerine will stabilize the needle, making sure you will always be able to read the right pressure. It also prevents the mechanism of wearing out too fast because of sudden blows and vibrations.

All our pressure gauges are available in many ranges and in different versions. For example, we also offer gauges with stainless steel or steel cases. Call us if you would like more information.

Service and customer focus

When you talk to us, you will notice that we are strongly committed to service and customer focus. Our specialists really engage with you so they can give you relevant advice about the right 10 bar pressure gauge for your situation. And if you need your instruments to be repaired or calibrated, you can also come to us. We have a fully equipped, modern workshop. Our staff is highly trained and skilled, so your pressure gauge or thermometer will quickly be running accurately again. Tell us about your challenge, we can handle the pressure.

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Have you found what you are looking for? Then order your 10 bar pressure gauge immediately. Do you still have questions or have any doubt about choosing the right pressure gauge for your application? Please contact us, we are happy to help.

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