Liquid filled gauges

What is a liquid filled gauge and in which circumstances is it required? Liquid filled pressure gauges are very usefull in unstable conditions. Because the case is filled with a non-aqueous fluid that effectively dampens vibration, pulsation and pressure spikes, it is resistant to hard conditions. The fluid also works as a lubricant and protects the delicate parts of the gauge. Liquid-filled gauges are sealed.

Pressure gauges and thermometers

EMVO Techniek is a leading wholesaler in the field of manometers and thermometers. As a supplier with years of experience we can advise our customers always the right device. Not only that, we have a wide range in stock, so delivery can take place very quickly. In addition to thermometers we have, amongst others, following pressure gauges in our range:

  • Deep sea pressure gauges;
  • Gauges with chemical seal;
  • Liquid filled gauges;
  • Stainless steel manometers.

Our workshop

In case your thermometer or pressure gauge is not functional, we have our own well-equipped workshop with certified repair equipment. We can not only repair your liquid pressure gauge, but also revise and calibrate it. Please visit our website for more information.


EMVO Techniek has a highly trained team of specialists. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors through our service orientation, expertise and our relationships with various European manufacturers. You have come to the right place when it comes to buying a liquid filled gauge for your special application. Our team of specialists is happy to answer your questions, also about our gas pressure gauges.

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