Gas pressure gauge

Do you need a measuring instrument for gaseous, aggressive circumstances? In that case Emvo Techniek can provide you with a suitable gas pressure gauge. The use of materials that can withstand the toughtest conditions, makes our gas pressure gauges suitable for almost every circumstance. Would you like some advise regarding a measuring instrument? Please feel free to contact us. With our expertise and experience as a wholesaler, we can provide you with excellent advice.


In our range you find measuring instruments that measure pressure in gases as well as liquids. Our pressure gauges have the advantage that the pressure difference and pressure level are measured. You will also get a warning if the pressure gets too high. In our range you find:

Types of gas pressure gauges

Gas pressure gauges come in various types. For example, we have Bourdon manometers but also diaphragm pressure gauges. When the gas that is measured, is hazardous, for example a corrosive gas, you will need a diaphragm based pressure gauge. The diaphragm separates the gas from the mechanism within the gauge so that it cannot be damaged. For other gases, in many cases a Bourdon pressure gauge will fulfil your needs.

Analogue or digital

Analogue gas pressure gauges are very suitable for many situations and is usually the most economic option. Their accuracy is good and they do not need to be connected to any electricity network nor do they need batteries. However, if you need even more accuracy or you want to have any extra options, besides measuring pressure in a certain medium, you might choose a digital gas pressure meter. They can offer a higher accuracy and options like background light or a bar graphic for pressure tendencies are also available. Do you need any advice? We are glad to use our expertise and help you to make the right choice.


Accuracy is expressed in the class number of your pressure gauge. For example, a class 1.0 gas pressure gauge has a maximum positive or negative deviation of 1% on the maximum value. That means that if the maximum pressure to be measured is 600 bars, a maximum deviation of 6 bars is possible. Always consider that maximum pressure of your medium does not exceed two thirds of maximum pressure on your gauge scale for safety reasons.


Also if a thermometer is needed, you are at the right place with Emvo Techniek. We offer a wide range of different thermometers. For example measuring the temperature in heating systems. Other thermometers in our range are:


We distinguish ourselves from our competitors through our expertise and our relationships with various European manufacturers. When it comes to buying the right instrument for your application, you have come to the right place. Our team of specialists is happy to answer your questions about our gas pressure gauges.


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