Gas manometer

The gas manometer from Emvo Techniek is the right choice for aggressive environments. We can offer you different kind of gas pressure gauges for all sorts of applications. Emvo Techniek is a wholesaler, specialized in manometers and thermometers. We distinguish ourselves through our product knowledge and customer orientation. The experience of our experts enables us to advise the right gas manometer for your application.

Pressure measurement for industrial and agricultural applications

No matter the challenge you have at hand, due to our knowledge and expertise we can offer you the right pressure gauge. In our stock you will find for example:

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Certified calibration equipment

You can not only buy a gas manometer, but also have it calibrated. We think it is important to calibrate and overhaul you pressure gauges regularly. Accurate measurements are garantueed in this way. And in case your gauge does not work properly anymore, we can repair it. For those purposes we have our own workshop with certified calibration equipment.

Your personalized gas manometer!

As an extra service we offer our customers the possibility to obtain a personalized gauge or gas manometer. You can think of a logo or a colored numberd sheet. Let us know your wishes and ideas! We can have your pressure gauge manufactured accordingly to your wishes!

Emvo Techniek: We can handle pressure!

Are you curious about the possibities we offer? Or would you like to buy a gas manometer but you are not sure which type you need? Contact our specialists! They gladly will answer all your questions. You can reach us via our live chat. Of course you can also send an email to [email protected] or give us a call: +31(0)413-473037.

Accurate diagnosis of your needs

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