Digital thermometer

Amongst other measuring instruments, Emvo Techniek is a supplier of digital thermometers. These thermometers have a display where the temperature appears. Check our website for the different versions of digital thermometers we have in stock.

Accuracy and reliabilty are essential

In order to be sure to of correct measurement data, two factors are extremely important. Those are the degree of accuracy and reliability. Therefore Emvo Techniek strongly recommends periodic checks for you measuring instruments. In this way you can always rely on your measuring instruments, even in the toughest conditions. In our professional workshop we offer:

  • Repair;
  • Calibration;
  • Overhaul for your pressure gauges and digital thermometers.

Quality and safety

With Emvo Techniek you opt for quality and safety. Emvo Techniek is a recognized wholesaler in the field of pressure gauges and thermometers. Due to our close relationships with European manufacturers we can offer a wide range of thermometers and pressure gauges and we can guarantee the quality of our measuring instruments. Amongst others, you can find in our range:

  • Digital pressure gauges;
  • Deep sea pressurge gauges;
  • Analog pressure gauges;
  • Stainless stell pressure gauges;
  • Digital thermometers.

Pressure gauges with print

The specialists at Emvo Techniek like to tackle complex issues. Challenge us! We gladly advise you about the possibilities for pressure gauges and digital thermometers. Also personalizing your measuring instrument is a possibility. Do you want a print or the logo of your company on your measuring instrument? Tell us what you would like to have and we are happy to design a print or logo for your pressure gauge!

Order your measuring instrument with Emvo Techniek

Do you have any questions or would you like to order your pressure gauge or thermometer right away? Request a quote easily by contacting us. You can reach Emvo Techniek by or +31(0)413-473037.

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