Digital thermometer

Do you need a digital thermometer? EMVO Techniek is happy to help! We are your Pressure gauge and thermometer wholesaler. We are sure that EMVO Techniek will be able to help you to find the right digital thermometer. Ever since 1982, we have been specializing in thermometers and we always keep a large stock. In our large warehouse, we can store all our measuring instruments in a safe and organized way.

A digital thermometer for every circumstance

EMVO Techniek stands for the best quality and service. It is important that you have a correctly working thermometer on which you can rely. Of course you want to avoid any damage or disruptions in your processes, and unnecessary costs. With a digital thermometer, it is easy for you to measure temperature in every environment. For example, we have a digital thermometer with stainless steel casing, especially suited for moist environments. You can also choose from a large variety of sensors and connections for your digital thermometer. EMVO Techniek is happy to be of assistance, in order for you to pick the right product.

Repair and maintenance of your digital thermometer

EMVO Techniek is not only a wholesaler in the thermometer and pressure gauge field; we can also do your repairing and calibration. Send us your thermometer for repairing and we will get to work. Calibration is very important. It is legally required to have annual operation controls on measuring instruments that are used in production or for commercial purposes. Of course, we supply a calibration report, so you have all relevant data on record.

Quotation free of charge

Would you like to order your digital thermometer at EMVO Techniek? Please, contact us and ask for a quotation, free of charge and no strings attached. We have a wide range of products and maintain excellent contacts with manufacturers throughout Europe. You can reach us calling +31(0)413-473037. We use our knowledge and experience to help you with all your questions and make sure you receive the right product. EMVO Techniek: Your wholesaler for pressure gauges and industrial thermometers.

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