Digital manometer

We are a wholesaler, so you can contact us for measuring instruments in various casing materials and designs. The pressure gauges are of European manufacture and meet the strictest quality requirements. For example EN837-1. Are you looking for a digital manometer? Depending on the desired accuracy, you will find the following digital pressure gauges at Emvo Techniek:

  • Type ETD 01 / category 0.5;
  • Type ETD 02 / category 0.25;
  • Type ETD 03 / category 0.1;
  • Type ETD 04 / category 0.05.

To ensure the accuracy of your instrument, we recommend to have your instrument checked regularly. We use internationally certified reference equipment for the revision, calibration and repair of your measuring instrument.

Manometers, thermometers and various specials

We stand for supplying multiple manufactured products for the complete range of instruments. This means that you can come to us for pressure gauges, thermometers and various specials. Because of our excellent relationships with manufacturers, we have many versions and ranges in stock and we can guarantee you a fast delivery. Furthermore, Emvo Techniek stands for: An enthusiastic team with in-depth product knowledge; Efficiency and service orientation; Quality and flexibility. We enjoy solving complex issues with specialist expertise. Due to the diversity in market segments, each meter has its own specifications and wishes. We will be happy to discuss this with you, so that you can obtain the correct meter. We can also deliver these with imprint or logo. For this we request you to contact us.

Order your digital manometer

You can reach Emvo Techniek via [email protected] and +31(0)413-473037 to request a quote. You can easily and quickly ask questions via the live chat. Emvo Techniek: we can handle the pressure!

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