Digital air pressure gauge

Emvo Techniek is your wholesaler in digital air pressure gauges and industrial thermometers. Are you looking for a specific model instrument? You will find various pressure gauges in our extensive range. We offer the instruments in various casing materials and designs. The digital manometers are available in different types and degree of reliability.

Digital gauges with a personal touch

You can choose to personalize at Emvo Techniek. This means that you can order a digital air pressure gauge with logo or imprint. You can also choose certain colours. In this way you obtain a personalized digital gauge that fits your company perfectly. For more questions about personalized measuring instruments, please contact us. We are happy to make an inventory of your wishes. Our assortement contains also:

  • Analog pressure gauges;
  • Digital pressure gauges with power supply;
  • Stainless steel pressure gauges.

Assembly and user instructions

For Assembly & User Instructions visit our website. There you find details regarding installation and use of digital pressure gauges or thermometers. Also there is more information about measuring instruments. Proper functioning of the instruments is guaranteed. However, it is wise to have your control and measurement components checked after a while. This prevents malfunction of the digital air pressure gauges. For revision, calibration and repair of instruments, you can contact us.

Components for digital manometers

We know what our customers want. Therefore we also keep a range of components and connecting material for our gauges and thermometers. In that field we also keep a high servicelevel and customer orientation.

Digital versus analogue

If you want the most accurate pressure measurement possible, you should choose a digital air pressure gauge. In comparison with analogue pressure gauges, they are a bit more precise. The accuracy of the device is expressed in the number behind the class: a digital manometer class 0.5 for example, may have a maximum deviation of 0.5%. For example, a digital air pressure gauge with a maximum range of 10 bars, could have a maximum positive or negative deviation of 10 x 0,005 = 0,05 bar.

If you are looking for extra options on your pressure gauge, you have more possibilities when you choose a digital air pressure gauge. For example, background light may interest you if your measuring device is installed in an environment that has low or bad lighting. Or maybe you would like to also check pressure tendencies in your medium. A bar graphic showing that shows you whether the pressure in your medium tends to go up, down or maintain stable can help you a lot.

A digital air pressure gauge has more options and is a bit more accurate than an analogue manometer, but it is also more expensive. It is very possible that your situation does not require such modern techniques. If you need any advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to be of help choosing the right air pressure gauge for you.

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We are here to support you with specialist expertise. Our specialists enjoy solving complex issues. Besides they know how to advise the right instrument for each application. Are there any questions left? Feel free to contact us. Emvo Techniek: we can handle the pressure.

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