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Vacuum gauge

A vacuum gauge is a pressure gauge that measures underpressure: the pressure under the atmospheric pressure. Vacuum or underpressure values are always expressed in negative values. A full vacuum has a value of -1 bar, or 15 psig. Atmospheric pressure is not equal to absolute pressure: atmospheric pressure is air pressure at sea level; absolute pressure is measured based on the absolute zero point, which is lower than atmospheric pressure.

Applications for vacuum gauges

Vacuum gauges can be applied in many environments and situations. In food packaging for example, a vacuum is often applied to prolong the expiration date, but it is also applied in numerous other branches of industry. The technique of Pick & Place for example, is based on vacuum and uses it for picking up, moving, and positioning products. It is common in warehouses and assembly lines, for example.

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You have unlimited options at EMVO Techniek. We offer you a very wide assortment of measuring instruments. In addition, we offer you the possibility of customizing your vacuum gauge to your needs and wishes. Did you know that we can easily arrange for you an imprint of your company logo on your device? For more info about customizing your instrument, please contact us. Together, we can take a look at your options.

Personalization of your measuring device is a nice extra option, but it is not the only service we offer. We think it is very important that the vacuum gauge you buy, functions in all conditions. That is why we recommend our customers to have their device controlled regularly on liability and accuracy. You can find more information regarding this topic on calibration and reparation of pressure gauges.

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