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Do you wish to purchase a thermometer? EMVO Techniek offers all kinds of thermometers for measuring temperatures in all possible environments and circumstances. In our big, modern warehouse, we always maintain a wide range if instruments in order to deliver quickly. Furthermore, we maintain excellent contacts with the best manufacturers and wholesalers of measuring instruments throughout Europe.

Buy a thermometer for all circumstances

No matter what purpose you have for your thermometer; at EMVO Techniek you will find the right solution. Besides of a large warehouse with a wide range of thermometers, we also dispose of a modern workshop. There we can adjust your thermometer exactly to your needs. Do you need any advice purchasing the right measuring instrument? We are glad to help you to make the right choice, so you can be sure to buy the thermometer that you need. A selection from our product range:

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Buy an industrial thermometer

When you buy a thermometer for commercial or industrial ends, it is very important that you can trust your instrument. The thermometer has to be accurate and keep performing in sometimes extreme circumstances. EMVO Techniek’s industrial thermometers are high quality instruments, and we have the right instrument for every circumstance. For example:

If you need any loose parts, such as capillary tubes or thermometer sensors, we can also help. Take a look in the menu under Thermometers or Thermometers specials for all options.

Maintenance, repair, and calibration

Maintaining your thermometer is essential for a reliable and continuous functioning of the instrument. Especially in industrial processes, it is key to be able to rely on your thermometer. EMVO Techniek can also provide in maintenance and calibration of all your measuring instruments. We always issue a calibration report, in order to comply with legal directives. Does your thermometer have a defect? Send your instrument for repair; in most cases, we can fix your thermometer, so you don not have to purchase a new one.

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Would you like to learn more about buying the right thermometer? Do you need any advice or would you like to order a thermometer immediately? Please contact us by filling out this form. Of course, you are always welcome to call us during office hours at +31(0)413-473037.

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