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Would you like to buy a pressure gauge? You have come to the right place. Emvo Techniek is a true specialist when it comes to pressure gauges and thermometers. Excellent relationships with renowned European manufacturers enable us to offer you a broad range of pressure gauges. Some examples:

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Besides from high quality products, we stand out for our detailed product knowledge, efficiency, and service. We love giving you advice about your possibilities and we will help you wherever we can. We also guarantee a prompt delivery of your product.

Buying an analogue pressure gauge

Our range of analogue pressure gauges is exceptionally wide. We have Bourdon pressure gauges as well as diaphragm pressure gauges.

To measure excess pressure, a Bourdon pressure gauge is usually applied. Pressure of a medium is measured using a little metal C-shaped tube that is sealed on one end. Increasing pressure will deform the tube and the needle in the display will start to move, so you can read the pressure value. When pressure decreases, the tube will regain its original shape.

A diaphragm pressure gauge contains a flexible diaphragm made of metal or ceramics, separating the chamber within the gauge. When pressure increases, the diaphragm will bend, which will activate a mechanism that will move the needle in the display. This type of pressure gauges is very suitable for measuring in corrosive, polluted or viscous liquids and gasses.

If vibrations or pressure surges are common in the environment where your pressure gauge is going to be installed, please consider a glycerine filled pressure gauge. The glycerine stabilizes the pointer in the display, enabling you to always read the pressure of your medium correctly. Also, the glycerine prevents the mechanism from wearing out too fast.

Buying a digital pressure gauge

Digital pressure gauges are extremely precise, and they operate differently from analogue gauges: operation is based on pressure sensors. Besides from its accuracy, a digital pressure gauge has other advantages such as the option to have background lighting or an adjustable viewing angle. You will find a variety of digital pressure gauge models in our range. You may find for example our digital gauge type ETD-01: this pressure gauge operates on batteries and has an adjustable casing. It is perfect for mobile pressure mounting. Are you looking for a digital pressure gauge suitable for process monitoring? Type ETD-04 is perfect for the job. This gauge has an innovative concept with a modular sensor. For further product information we kindly ask you to contact us.

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Emvo Techniek has many years of pressure gauge experience. Do you need advice ordering your measuring instrument? Buy a pressure gauge at Emvo Techniek.


At Emvo Techniek, we also have a fully equipped, modern workshop where our specialist engineers can customize your product to your needs. For example, if you would like to have your logo or company name printed on your measuring instrument, we can do that for you. But there is more that we can do in our workshop.

It is very important to have your instruments checked on a regular basis. If your pressure gauge is not working correctly, this may cause dangerous situations. That is why your instruments should be calibrated by a professional, and our specialists are glad to do that for you.

Is something wrong with your pressure gauge? In our workshop, we also conduct reparations. So instead of buying a new one, it is very possible that we are able to get your pressure gauge up and going for another round or two.

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