Air pressure gauge

Are you looking for an air pressure gauge? We at Emvo Techniek are specialized in air pressure gauges as well as thermometers. In our product range you find measuring instruments for various applications:

  • Industrial applications;
  • Agricultural applications;
  • Applications at home (for example: heating).

Through our expertise, long years of expierence and relationships with european manufacturers, Emvo Techniek can deliver high quality services. This also enables us to keep many different measuring devices in stock. For you as our customer, it means quick delivery of your pressure gauge.

Calibration and reparation of the pressure gauges

Because accuracy is very important with pressure gauges, Emvo Techniek offers the opportunity to have your pressure gauge checked. In that way accuracy and functionality of the measuring instruments are guaranteed. Above that you can have your air pressure gauge repaired and revised in our workshop. We have experts and specialized equipment available to repair, calibrate and revise your measuring instruments perfectly.

Air pressure gauge with logo

Do you have a complex problem? Would you like to have expert advice regarding a special application? The specialists at Emvo Techniek will be happy to help you. We gladly advice you regarding the possibilities of pressure gauges and thermometers, enabling you to make the right choice for your pressure gauge. Would you like to have your measuring instrument personalized? We can also help you with that with, for example, an imprint or logo on the pressure gauge.

For hazardous environments

It is possible you have an application where it is necessary to measure pressure in hazardous environments. For those cases Emvo Techniek offers a range of explosion proof pressure gauges. These devices give a warning in case the pressure gets unacceptable. On our website you find more information regarding those gauges.

Vibrations and pressure surges

If you need a pressure gauge for an environment where vibrations or pressure surges may occur, then a glycerine filled manometer is the right choice for you. Vibrations and sudden surges or blows can cause destabilisation of the pointer, which makes it difficult to correctly read the pressure value on the display. Also, the mechanism may wear out sooner due to these circumstances. The liquid in a glycerine filled pressure gauge stabilizes the pointer so that you can accurately determine the pressure value of your measured medium at all times.

Digital or analogue air pressure gauges

At Emvo techniek, we have analogue as well as digital air pressure gauges available. The working principle of both types of gauges is identical: it may be a Bourdon, a diaphragm, or a capsule gauge. A digital air pressure gauge is a little more accurate than an analogue manometer, and more options are available, such as background light, or a bar graphic to show pressure tendencies besides from the current pressure value. Analogue air pressure gauges are cheaper than digital pressure gauges. If you need advice about your best pressure gauge choice, we will be glad to be of help.

Emvo Techniek makes the difference!

Years of experience and a high servicelevel enable Emvo Techniek to advise you the right air pressure gauge. Do you have any questions or do you want to be sure to choose the right air pressure gauge? Do not hesitate to contact us. You can do that by email: [email protected] or give us a call: +31(0)413-473037.

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