Absolute pressure

For measurement of absolute pressure excluding the effect of barometric pressure variation, suitable for air and dry clean gaseous media you need absolute gauges. Welcome to Emvo Techniek, the leading wholesaler when it comes to absolute pressure. Absolute pressure transducers are used, for example, in semiconductor manufacturing applications. Because atmospheric conditions can fluctuate, it is required that these systems are accurate and use a full vacuum that is completely static. The difference between absolute and gauge pressure is measuring atmospheric pressure.

Other gauges of Emvo Techniek

Next to gauges for measuring absolute pressure, we also offer various pressure gauges and thermometers. Through our long experience we know what our customers need. You can think of:

  • Differential gauges;
  • Gauges with power supply;
  • Analog pressure gauges.

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Also in the field of thermometers, Emvo Techniek can be at service for you. We keep a range of thermometers in stock. So, if you have an application where a thermometer is required, contact us. Our specialists gladly help you to choose the right thermometer for your situation!

Special wishes

Do you have special wishes regarding the looks of your pressure gauges? We can also supply the measurin devices with a logo or an imprint. It is also possible to gain an absolute pressure gauge with a colored number sheet. Let us know what you want and we will design a personalized pressure gauge for you!

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You can directly request a quote via our website. In case you have any questions about your application and the best suitable absolute pressure gauge, you can contact us via live-chat. Of course we are also reachable by phone (+31(0)413-473037) or email: [email protected].

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