A wide variety of pressure gauges

There is a huge need for different gauges and digital pressure gauges. Therefore Emvo Techniek focuses on a wide variety of air pressure gauges from different manufacturers. That garantuees fast deliveries of the gauges which were bought.


Air pressure gauges and water pressure gauges are used in many areas. For that reason Emvo Techniek maintains a high level of customer orientation. Our team of experts and a lot of knowledge enable us to fulfill the specific wishes of our customers.


Specialised in gauges of various kinds, amongst it also digital pressure gauges. A wide range, more than 2000 different pressure gauges in stock. First class quality and service. Those are the reasons customers buy with Emvo Techniek. Are you looking for a high quality pressure gauge or digital pressure gauge? Then you have come to the right website. Emvo Techniek is the specialist in the field of high quality digital pressure gauges. We offer a wide range of various types of manometers. This ensures the perfect pressure gauge for your situation. Emvo Techniek has good relationships with leading European manufacturers and an extensive international network. This enables us to offer you a wide range of digital and other pressure gauges at highly competitive prices. Challenge us, we can handle pressure.

What is a pressure gauge?

A gauge is simply an instrument to measure pressure. There are countless situations that call for the use of a pressure gauge. A good example is the metal pressure gauge that is used in boilers. For use in industrial environments our digital pressure gauges are very suitable. Emvo can supply literally any type of pressure gauge and has years of experience in various sectors.

Optimal functionality of a digital pressure gauge

Functionality of your digital pressure gauge is essential, especially in professional use. The air pressure gauges of Emvo Techniek meet the highest standards when it comes to accuracy. The manometer gauges supply accurate measurements, also in the toughest conditions. For every application the right gauge. Please check our website.

Highest quality and service for pressure gauges

Emvo Techniek stands for high quality, extensive knowledge and service orientation. Whatever your question is, our experts happily advice you the right pressure gauge. Because of our large stock, we can quickly deliver the gauge. Do you have any further questions about our service or a specific (digital) pressure gauge? Feel free to call us at +31(0)413-473037 or send an email to [email protected].

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